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Vulcan Storm

​  ​                Certifications and Testing

        * Certified Test Results from Texas Tech
           Wind Science Research
        * Exceeds FEMA 320 / 361 guidlines for 
           storm shelters
        * Certified and stamped engineered plans
        * Manfacturers warranty
        * Installation by licensed contractor

                 Will you be prepared when 
                  When a Tornado Strikes
Tuscaloosa County Emergency Management
​       205.349.0150

Jefferson County Emergency Management

Shelby County Emergency Management


​   Shelters & Safe Rooms
     * In Garage Under Slab        
     * Safe Rooms welded
     * Exterior under Ground     
     * Modular Safe Rooms 
     * Concrete Above Ground
     * Gun & Weapon storage with class A lock
     * Under Stair modular safe rooms

Alabama Storm Shelter Tax Credit

Beginning in 2022, eligible taxpayers who incur cost for
the construction, acquisition, or installation of a qualified storm shelter at their primary residence in the State of Alabama will be eligible for an income tax credit for the Storm Shelter.

For Information contact    Alabama EMA  205-280-2200

Alabama Dept. of Revenue      334.242.1170

Tel: (205) 693-8205
Toll Free (866) 436.7770
Email:  vulcanshelters@gmail.com

Birmingham, Alabama 35209
Be prepared, plan and
    Stay Informed
Above Ground Concrete 6' x 12'x 6' 10" Height

      Sizes (3' x 6')    (4' x 7')       (5' x 8')
         6' x 8' Steel Underground
Steel Stairs with Handrail
                            Custom 6' x 16' with Flat Screen    
Steel In Garage Under Slab
                                     TV and lighting 
Vulcan In Ground Under Slab Made in Alabama
Steel Underground (installs in garage or carport)
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Vulcans precast  concrete shelters meet and exceed FEMA regulations
Steel Underground Shelters
                     Be Prepared
Steel 1/4" welded in shop
Delivered and installed as one piece 
Vulcan Safe Rooms Welded 1/4" Steel
FEMA 320 Compliant * F5 Impact Tested at Texas Tech
     Built on Site
Looking for security? Chat with us about our gun safes and or panic rooms!
Entrapment Proof.  Handicap Accessible  (24" & 36" door)
                       New construction
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Vulcan Storm Shelters Data Room 
    Install At St Clair County BOE
Be Educated
Gun safes and or panic rooms available!
Now servicing 
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee!

              Offering DIY in all states, Call Today! 
    Sizes from 2 person to 20 person