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Vulcan Storm Shelters
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Under the Stairway Shelter

     * We custom build your shelter to
        fit your space

     * Entry door (In swing)

     * Lock System
       (3) slide bolts on the interior
       (1) keyed dead bolt on the                         exterior

     * Each panel has its own air vent

     * Each panel bolts to the concrete         with (2) 1/2" x 5" anchors

     * Optional escape door

How to start:

  * Measure your closet (length,              width, max height and low height

  * Take photos

  * We will give you a budget price

   * If accepted and you want to               proceed We will prepare a cad           drawing for your approval

These shelters are custom built and require 6 to 8 fabricate one day to install
Example of your Cad drawings
Call Today!

Stairway Storm Shelter

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email me
(205) 693-8205