Steel Under Slab Storm Shelters

In the Garage Shelter

Steel Underground (installs in garage or carport)
Vulcan Steel Shelters were developed, designed and engineered to be the 
safest and most user friendly shelters on the market today while providing the highest level of occupant protection. This unique shelter installs in your garage or carport (under the concrete slab). This unit does not take up space in your garage ( you drive over the unit).  For quick and easy accessibility the Vulcan 
Steel Shelters are the most popular on the market.

Sizes & Capacity

       3' width x 6' length x 57" deep, suitable for 6 to 8 people       
     (avaliable for both existing homes and new construction) 

      4' wide x  7' long  x 57" deep
      suitable for 8 to 9 people
     (avaliable for existing and new construction)




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 Vulcan Storm
​    10 year for exterior

    Anchor System

    All models are set in 3,000 psi concrete 100% with added rebar

      The Lid

The 1/4" steel lid  has a double system which opens within its self. The normal operating door slides to the rear for easy access while the rear stationary can be removed in emergency situations. Both doors are fully removable by hand. The shelter also includes a 4 ton winch which can be  attached to the rear wall panel for emergency exits. 


 * The shelter is constructed of 10 gauge steel
 * All shelters are welded inside and out and are dye penetrate leak tested.
 * Exterior is coated with coal tar epoxy to help prevent rust
​ * All  underground shelters come with a ventilation system and 2 battery               powered lights
 * All In Ground Shelters come with a 10 year warranty from the
    manufacturer and a 1 year warranty  from Vulcan Shelters for installation.



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Extra Large 
      5' wide x 8' long x 60" deep
      suitable for 12 to 14 people
                               Will you be prepared when a
                             tornado  strikes where you live?
Financing available, call for details
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            Fan / Light Style may vary

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Vulcan In Ground Under Slab
Made in Alabama
4' x 7' x 54" deep In Garage Under Slab
               Wet Saw Cut
        Excavate 4" larger than shelter
Shelter Set 3/4" Above Finish Concrete
Rebar added for hold down strength
Installation Existing Home
Installation New Construction
Steel Anchors and Straps secure shelter for
proper setting during concrete placement
With New Construction the shelter can be placed
anywhere in the building or home
             Vulcan 5' x 8' IG
               Vulcan 4' x 7' IG
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